What others staff,

we strengthen.

Persevus helps you succeed
from the inside out.

Zero haystacks.

Zero haystacks.

Zero headaches.

Persevus is not a resume clearinghouse. We do not ask job seekers to register with us “just in case something opens up.” Nor do we own a proprietary algorithm that magically sniffs out passionate guru-ninjas where every other so-called recruiting site has failed. We don’t create, curate, or care one whit about resume haystacks.

Instead, we start with you – the people who need high-performing people. And then we start digging. Deep. So we can uncover the what and the why before ever suggesting a who.

An actual process

that actually works.

At Persevus, we hate ambiguity. Vague job descriptions. Vague qualifications. Vague levels of interest. So we created a process to eliminate vagueness in all its insidious forms. (Ironically, we can only speak of it in vague terms here, because IP.) We don’t just ask you what you need, we figure out if you actually need it. And once that’s settled, we prospect, vet, probe, and (sometimes) woo candidates until we have one who appears too good to be true, but is, quite often, actually better.

These testimonials were not written by our ad agency.

Of course, we are only posting comments from people who found our services rewarding. We are, after all, trying to get your business. And the truth is, like an 18-year-old bottle of Glenlivet, we’re not for everyone. But for anyone who prefers success to sycophancy, we suspect you’ll soon agree with the thoughts offered below.

“They asked thoughtful questions and learned quick, then brought us the right candidate. When it was time to close the deal, they guided both sides across the finish line.”

Technology Integration Firm

“Usually I was the one doing all the heavy lifting, and for once it felt like I wasn’t the only one. We talked through the role and figured out something that was slightly different than what I thought I wanted and we’re better for it.”

Building Supply Company

“Persevus is our partner for recruiting new partners.”

Professional Services Firm

If you’ve scrolled this far, you must be interested.

So let’s chat. If we think we can help, we’ll tell you how. If we think you’re actually needing a different kind of service, we’ll tell you that, too. No harm, no foul, no wasted resources.