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What We Do

What We Do

Helping employers hire with confidence

Hiring for a key position in any company or organization presents many challenges. Most of the time, evaluating a candidate on experience and skill alone does not meet all the requirements for a solid, sustainable fit.

That’s where we come in. Persevus goes beyond simply pairing candidates with open positions by utilizing an in depth process that connects the right people with the right company. This allows our employing partners to make decisions based on our recommendations with a greater level of confidence.

Our Process

Proven Steps to Success

We seek to create the most effective placement for our candidates. We’ve established a thorough recruitment and interview process that ensures we’re conducting placements based on a multitude of vantage points.

Our process is multi-step and multi-faceted. It is designed specifically to create a complete picture of each candidate, focusing on multi-dimensional skills, attributes, core competencies, and personality traits. We also establish long term relationships with our employing partners, gaining valuable insight to their values, cultures, and ultimately what leads to successful decisions.

The Process

Methodical From the Start

Step #1
Evaluating immediate position needs and long term business goals to determine how to best arrive at success.
Step #1
Step #2
Determining key skills, attributes, and experiences from a wide network of qualified potential new hires.
Step #2
Step #3
Working with hiring managers to present and implement the curated selection of qualified candidates.
Step #3
“Usually I was the one doing all the heavy lifting, and for once it felt like I wasn’t the only one. We talked through the role and figured out something that it was slightly different than what I thought I wanted and we’re better for it.”
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