What we do

Our method ends your madness.

The one-of-a-kind way to find one-of-a-kind people.

We know. Every recruiting firms claims to be different. Better. More data-driven or holistic or robust or more chocolatey or, well, we’ve gone too far. But they’re all really pretty much the same. Whether they admit it or not, they’ve all got a stable of “talent” that they’re trying to pawn off on you as quickly and as cheaply (to them) as possible. Higher margins for them. More frustration for you.

We don’t do that. Not any of it. We don’t have a list of favorite candidates or a database of eight-year-old resumes. We don’t send you a dozen people, 100% of whom are only a 43% fit at best.

Instead, we do things right.

We cross our t’s so you can stop crossing your fingers.

Though it’s not patented nor trademarked, our process is proprietary. As such, we must be a bit vague in how we describe it in public. But here’s the gist:

We help you figure out who you really need. Sometimes, that means tweaking your parameters. Sometimes it means filling a completely different – or perhaps even new – position. It’s all about being strategic and not at all about just slotting someone in.

We go out and find people. And then we filter them. It’s a bit like Navy Seal training but with less vomiting. We think. Regardless, many are found, a few are vetted, and only one or two remain.

We send you a (as in one) candidate that fits the parameters we all agreed upon way back up there two paragraphs ago. Some more special sauce gets mixed in, as well, but you know, we can’t give away those 11 herbs and spices just yet. Apologies for the confused metaphor.

You end up with someone who pushes your company forward. Rejoicing and profits ensue. Repeat as necessary.

Hear why our secrets lead to your success.

If the above words intrigued you or you’re just tired of the almost-but-not-quite (or not-even-close) results from other firms, perhaps you should schedule a chat with our fearless leader Alex.