Meet the people who find your people.

Our people aren’t mythical, but more than a few clients have called them legendary.

It’s always a bit weird to talk about yourself, which is why we’ve hired a professional copywriter to do it for us. We started Persevus after years in careers ranging from military intelligence to logistics to accounting (the certified public kind, no less). What began as a way to help veterans find meaning and success in the civilian world – which we still do on a more pro bono-ish basis – evolved into the atypical firm you see today. Atypical in the style we use. Atypical in the success we bring.

Alex McFarland

President + Founder

Alex served in the United States Air Forcewhere he specialized in airborne signal intelligence. The conclusing of his military career segued nicely into an operations management position for a defense logistics contractor. Wanting to aim higher (sorry), he founded Persevus in 2016.

Andy Schmad

Account Manager

Andy is an Omaha native who attended Creighton Prep and then Creighton University, graduating with a degree in non-creative accounting. Having exhausted Creighton-named schools in the area, he put his degree to work at a CPA. After six years double-entry fun and excitement, he decided to move into the world of recruiting believing that finding great people was better than finding another tax deduction. In 2020, Andy joined Alex McFarland at Persevus where their mission is to give every business owner the Clarity to Hire with Confidence.

Andy Cayer

Talent Scout

Andy served in the US Air Force for 21 years where he finished his stint as an Operations and Training Manager. While stationed at Offutt AFB, he completed his B.S. in Behavioral Science and went on to earn a master’s degree in Administrative Leadership from the University of Oklahoma. Obviously, he’s deeply interested in what makes people tick. Which makes him perfect for his role as a talent scout at Persevus. He knows that for clients and candidates alike, the best of the best are hard to find, harder to satisfy, and impossible to fool.

Hannah Otte

Talent Scout

Hannah came to Persevus after cutting her recruiting teeth in the competitve world of medical staffing. A graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Hannah’s pschology degree definitely comes in handy when searching for, screening, and suggesting candidates. Her criminal justice minor hopefully comes in less handy, but never say never. Hannah loves making the connection between the right candidate and the client. Almost as much as she loves her two German shepherds, Max and Mia.

At the risk of sounding like a used car salesman (no offense, Uncle Bob), we invite you to schedule a zero-pressure, no-obligation chat with Alex.